October 24, 2020
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Did you know that bananas ranked at the top (tied with apples) as the most consumed fruit in 2018? Sixty-nine percent of customers bought bananas in 2018. Are you a banana lover? Hold on. You are about to be blasted by a barrage of banana facts that will make you the top banana. Enjoy.
Did you know banana bread is a product of the Great Depression? This is the time households refused to waste food – even one that is "rotting." That and the mass production of baking powder and baking soda led the way for creative recipe writers to come up with a recipe for quick bread.
Baby Eating Banana Puree image
Babies love bananas, and parents trust that bananas are a fairly healthy food so giving a banana to a baby is a win all round. But what exactly makes bananas so good? 1. Bananas as a Starter Food As soon as your baby is ready to begin eating solids,...

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